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In 1859, Henry French, a gentleman farmer and lawyer wrote the book, “Farm Drainage”, detailing the “new and innovative” drainage method now commonly known as a “French drain”.  

After that, aside from plastic pipes, probably the invention of geotextile fabrics to help keep out sediment and roots to prevent pipes clogging has been the next big innovation in drainage. 

(But, pipes still clog!)

So, really, in hundreds of years not all that much has changed.  Almost all drainage solutions are based on trenches, gravel, and pipes carrying water based on slope (unless a sump pump is also used).  The old methods:

  • Require a lot of labor, time, and property disruption to install.
  • Require maintenance.
  • Fail over time.
  • Are expensive.

It’s interesting that technology has improved and disrupted so many areas of life, but not water drainage management.


Fast forward to the 21st century!


Our proprietary technology solution is the result of years of R&D by a team of construction and engineering professionals.  Third party, accredited laboratory testing and years of residential and commercial applications across a range of needs and industries has validated the Hydroblox solution.

Key attributes:

  • Faster, easier to install, requiring a fraction of time vs. old methods. One installer can accomplish in a few hours what 2 – 3 workers could do in days.  DIY’ers can do their own drainage.  Contractors can save labor costs and increase profitability.  Large commercial projects can be completed weeks and months faster.
  • Far less property disruption. No heavy equipment, gravel, or big trenches required. 
  • Less cost. Material costs + labor costs = much lower expense.
  • No maintenance. Made from 100% recycled plastic, Hydroblox does not deteriorate.
  • Not slope dependent. Slope is nice to have for conveyance applications.  But, unlike old methods, a certain slope is not a must-have.
  • 40,000 lb. compression strength. Pipes can crush.  Hydroblox won’t.
  • Configuration flexibility. Need more capacity?  Add panels.  (Each panel has roughly the same carrying capacity as a 4” pipe.)  Install vertically or laid flat depending on application.
  • Environmentally friendly! 100% recycled plastic.


Hydroblox is used in a variety of applications around the world ranging from small residential projects to large scale industrial solutions across industries. 

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