Gravel and pipe drainage is obsolete!

With HydroBlox:

No gravel, pipe, or fabric

Over 75% less labor required

Costs reduced by 50% or more

Won’t clog, crush, deteriorate

No slope required

As featured on CBS TV, Pittsburgh

- French drain alternative

- Retaining walls

- Pavers sub-base

- SWPPP compliance

- Stormwater NPDES BMP

Why choose HydroBlox?

No gravel, pipe or filter fabric

Easy, fast installation

No slope required

Better performance solution

Much lower cost

Won’t clog or crush

Manufacturer’s warranty

No large, deep trenches

100% recycled plastic

Be better than competitors!

Watch These Videos!

How to Install HydroBlox

Residential French Drain

Curtain Wall

Installation Layout

Golf Course

Solving Extreme Wetness

Absorbing Water

2 Dump Trucks of Gravel- NOT!

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